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Although our skin is the largest organ of our body, it is often the most overlooked for proper health care. The food we eat or don't eat, the liquid we drink or don't drink and the products we use or don't use, can negatively impact the health of our skin. It reveals the stories of our lives –– our level of stress, the time we sleep, our good and bad habits and the amount of exposure to weather –– temperatures, sun and wind.

While protecting us from the elements and microorganisms, skin helps to regulate our body temperature and permits the sensations of touch, heat and cold. It's working hard for us each day through its three main functions of protection, regulation and sensation.

Our approach stems from owner Deb's belief that we must take care of our skin, just as we do our other vital organs like our brain, heart and lungs. And just like our brain, our skin is unique and needs an individualized system for care. We are here to provide that for you.

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Meet Deb

Deb Lester, owner and licensed skin therapist, opened Lustre Skin Care with her husband, Keith, in February of 2018. She is an ardent believer in the importance of health and wellness, specifically when it comes to skin care. This belief led her to create Lustre with a three-prong mission: education, health and relaxation.

Trained in skin analysis and customization, Deb is a skin maven, an expert in her craft. She knows skin. She provides a robust menu of skin care services based on her vast knowledge, enthusiasm of craft, latest technology and high quality products, including vegan and organic options. 

From facials to hair removal and makeup techniques to enhanced treatments, Deb operates her business through the lenses of skin health and inclusiveness. The belief that a world where everyone, regardless of background, skin color, sexual orientation, gender identification or disability is valued and included, is central to Deb. She also understands the importance of healing and relaxation in one's health and well-being. To maximize skin health, she uses massage techniques and acupressure and knows the benefits of homeopathy and naturopathy.

Deb is always on a quest to learn more to best serve her clients. She earned her Advanced Practice Esthetician Salon Manager License and is actively engaged in continuing education in skin analysis and technology, relaxation techniques and product knowledge. Certified as a Dermalogica expert, Deb also holds multiple certifications from industry leaders, including Aveda Institute and International Dermal Institute and has studied with professionals from the Institute of Integrative Oncology.

With the onset of COVID-19, Deb immediately bolstered her commitment to health and safety with two certifications for clean disinfection practices: Dermalogica’s Clean Touch Certified and BARBICIDE® COVID-19 Certification Course. She developed and implemented a thorough Health & Safety Preparedness Plan for Lustre. 

Residents of the Kingfield neighborhood, Deb and Keith are proud supporters of local businesses and are thankful to be part of the southside Minneapolis community.


Deb Lester (Lustre Skin Care) is a member of National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations (NCEA) which helps estheticians raise standards with national credentials and continued education accreditation. 

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