Your first facial experience at Lustre begins with an in-depth consultation on your general health, skin concerns and goals. During your facial, thorough skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, treatment options and massage techniques are customized to ensure optimal results and a relaxing experience. A personalized program, including your at-home skin care program and future treatment offerings, is discussed and developed to meet your skin health objectives.

To bring you the best facial experience for your skin, we use dermalogica® to guide you to a new level of skin fitness and Éminence Organic Skin Care to give you a professional, natural, organic and Biodynamic facial. We recommend the 60 minute dermalogica® or the 75 minute Éminence for your first Lustre facial. The longer the facial, the more time you have for deeper penetration of ingredients and a relaxing massage experience. Vegan and organic options available for face, teen, back and chest facials.

Overall Facial Information:

Facials include skin analysis, double cleanse, exfoliation, masque, serum application and hydration. Massage techniques, extractions and enhanced treatments vary according to length of facial and needs of your skin. Longer facials maximize product penetration and allow for more massage techniques.

Facial Specials!

Two luxurious ways and two months to show your gratitude to mothers and fathers, as well as those that parent and mentor. These calming and hydrating facials are available with vegan, organic and gluten-free options. Must purchase by June 19th and complete in May or June to receive the enhancement.


Gratitude Facial


Features effective and world-renowned Dermalogica products, designed to leave one with healthy and luminous skin. Not only is the facial relaxing and pampering, it replenishes and hydrates for optimal skin health. An added fifteen minute foot reflexology reduces stress and lifts one's well-being. This facial special leaves one feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and grateful.

60 minute facial with 15 minute foot reflexology | $95 ($105 value)


Appreciate Facial

Soak in the aromas and benefits of Éminence's award-winning and luscious botanical products. Antioxidant-rich, deeply hydrating and delivered with care, this facial is appropriate for even the most sensitive skin. An added fifteen minute foot reflexology reduces stress and lifts one's well-being. This special facial leaves the skin radiant and the mind feeling soothed, refreshed and appreciated.

75 minute facial with 15 minute foot reflexology | $105 ($115 value)