Your first facial experience at Lustre begins with an in-depth consultation on your general health, skin concerns and goals. During your facial, thorough skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, treatment options and massage techniques are customized to ensure optimal results and a relaxing experience. A personalized program, including your at-home skin care program and future treatment offerings, is discussed and developed to meet your skin health objectives.

To bring you the best facial experience for your skin, we use dermalogica® to guide you to a new level of skin fitness, and Éminence Organic Skin Care to give you a professional, natural, organic and Biodynamic facial. We recommend the 60 minute dermalogica® or the 75 minute Éminence for your first Lustre facial. The longer the facial, the more time you have for deeper penetration of ingredients and a relaxing massage experience.

May Special: Radiant Woman Facial

Limited edition facial package that includes an uplifting Dermalogica or Éminence facial with microcurrent technology.* Microcurrent treatments increase cellular energy resulting in firm, contoured and hydrated skin. With a safe and tingling sensation, it mirrors the body's own natural electrical current and energizes production of collagen and elastin for radiant skin.

60 minutes | $100 ($150.00 value)

*Service of equal value substitution if microcurrent technology is not an appropriate treatment

Book online by May 31st to receive the special. If it's a gift, contact Deb by email (info@lustreskincarempls.com) to purchase gift card and receive by mail or curbside pick up. Product is also available for purchase.

Facial Consultation

Thirty-minute personal interview to discuss lifestyle choices, health history and current stress levels

30 minutes | $30


Éminence Organic Facials

Feed your skin with award-winning products made with organically grown ingredients

110 minutes | $140
90 minutes | $120
75 minutes | $100
45 minutes | $85
(Éminence Organic Skin Care Products)


Certified Éminence Beyond Organic Facials

Get results from gentle and rejuvenating Biodynamic® ingredients that are the ultimate in pureness

110 minutes | $180

90 minutes | $160

75 minutes | $140

45 minutes | $125
(Éminence Beyond Organic Skin Care Products)


dermalogica® Facials

Elevate your skin care fitness

60 minutes | $90
45 minutes | $75
(dermalogica® Skin Care Products)

Microcurrent Facial

Energize production of collagen and elastin for radiant and uplifted skin

75 minutes | $150

(dermalogica® or Éminence Skin Care Products)


Teen Facial

Address the unique needs of teen skin

60 minutes | $55
(dermalogica® Skin Care Products)

Back Facial

The best back facial around

60 minutes | $65
(dermalogica® Skin Care Products)

Chest Facial

Treat your chest as you would your face

60 minutes | $65

(dermalogica® Skin Care Products)

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