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Health & Safety Preparedness Plan

Learn about Lustre's commitment to health and safety. Understand what you can expect and what is expected of you during this time.

✦ We respect science, and what it tells us about our health, especially skin health. COVID-19 has not disappeared. We are committed to protecting our clients, ourselves, and our families. In order to protect each of us, Lustre requires clients to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination with up-to-date status per CDC guidelines.


✦ Masks and appointments continue to be a requirement to enter Lustre Skin Care. Virtual consultations are available for all clients. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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Deb Lester’s Commitment

1. Lustre will abide by the guidelines and recommendations of the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology, State of Minnesota and the City of Minneapolis.

2. Deb will check her temperature before starting the workday at Lustre. She will evaluate her health to assess whether she is experiencing any of the identified COVID-19 symptoms. If symptomatic, she will cancel services until proper testing confirms she is able to see clients. Should she be diagnosed with COVID-19, Lustre will be closed and Deb will follow Minnesota Department of Health Guidance for return to work. Prompt notification will be given to all clients (CDC Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers Responding to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), May 2020. Deb affirms she is part of the “high risk” and vulnerable population and will take particular care to reduce her risk of exposure.

3. Deb has decided to remove street clothes and don scrubs for her day at Lustre seeing clients. This includes shoes worn only at Lustre. She has stocked a supply of masks, face shields and gloves as required.

4. Deb has acquired three certifications for clean disinfection practices: Dermalogica’s Clean Touch Certified, BARBICIDE® COVID-19 Certification and the Vagaro COVID-19 Ready Badge.

5. Deb is taking special care to monitor daily appointments. Changes in operating hours at Lustre are being made to allow adequate time between appointments to ensure social distancing is supported and disinfection time is allowed. Daily client limit will be held to five.

6. Signage asking clients to refrain from touching products on retail shelves are posted and displays covered in a clear vinyl. Surfaces in the reception area and treatment room are cleared of decorations and printed materials. The upholstered chairs in the reception area have been removed and replaced with chairs that can be more easily disinfected. Tent signs will confirm areas have been “disinfected” or need “to be disinfected.” There are “cover your cough” signs posted in reception and the bathroom.

7. The bathroom will be cleaned and disinfected after each use with industry approved cleaner and disinfectant. A hand towel will be in a clearly marked covered container and a covered bin for soiled hand towels is clearly marked and located beside the door. Hand-washing signs are posted.

8. Tissues and touchless waste bins are located throughout Lustre.

9. Filters have been replaced in the air cleaner and HVAC system. HVAC inspection was recently conducted. A HEPA air filtering machine runs constantly and with client’s permission, the treatment room door will remain open to increase air circulation.

10. In addition to cleaning/disinfection efforts previously noted, covered containers marked “clean” and “soiled” will be used in the treatment room.

11. Only equipment used for your service will be in the room. Equipment will be cleaned and disinfected after use.

12. Clean linens, towels, head wraps, personal protection equipment, disinfected treatment equipment and disposable supplies will be stocked and stored in a designated “clean room.”

13. The laundry room has clearly marked and covered bins for soiled towels and sheets. A laundry additive to reduce/inhibit pathogens will be added to every load of laundry. Clean laundry will be removed immediately to the “clean room.” Only Deb will access this room.

14. All mail and deliveries will be directed to Deb’s home where their disinfection will be ensured before being brought in to Lustre.

What We Ask of Lustre Clients

1. Please call to cancel or reschedule your appointment if you do not feel well or have any symptoms compatible with COVID-19, or if you have exposure to family members or others experiencing symptoms compatible with COVID-19. Please consider postponing your service/visit if you are at higher risk for severe illness. Also, if you have traveled, please self quarantine per current state and CDC guidelines.

2. Should you begin to feel unwell during your Lustre visit, please advise Deb and leave immediately to isolate at home.

3. Please do not bring additional friends/family to your appointment. Entrance to Lustre is by appointment or reservation only. All others will be asked to wait outside or in the car. The only exception to this is if the client is a minor or requires supervision or assistance.

4. Please come to your appointment with an appropriate mask or face covering. Deb will not allow you to enter Lustre if you are not wearing a mask. The only exception would be if a mask is not recommended for health or physical ability reasons. In addition to the face mask, please maintain a physical distance of 6 feet when possible during your visit.

5. We will only accept contact-free payment (electronic funds transfer or credit card).

6. Based on today's science, we understand vaccines are our best hope to stop the spread of COVID-19. In order to protect each of us, Lustre requires all new clients to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination.


What to Expect During Your Visit to Lustre in Time of COVID-19

1. We will email and/or call to confirm your appointment and remind you of the mask requirement.

2. Please remain in your vehicle or outside until your scheduled time.

3. Upon entry, the follow steps will occur:
a. Temperature screening
b. Hand sanitizer use
c. Preservice Screening* completion with disinfected pen
d. Necessary form review and completion (Stored in an easily disinfected sheet protector).
4. You will be required to keep your mask on and maintain 6-feet physical distance in common areas during your visit. In the treatment room, Deb will let you know if you will be able to remove your mask for your treatment. When your mask is off, Deb will cover her mask with a face shield.

5. Hand sanitizer is readily available. You are encouraged to clean your hands often.

6. Drinking water and other beverages will not be available.

7. Deb will help you the purchase of skin care products or samples. Please do not handle products until after purchase.


*Preservice Screening Information

1. Have you tested positive for COVID-19 or know that you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days?

2. Have you traveled in the past 14 days?

3. Have you experienced any of the following symptoms in the past 14 days?
• Cough
• Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing      
Or two of the following:
• Fever  
• Repeated shaking with chills
• Chills      
• Muscle pain
• Headache     
• Sore throat       
• New loss of taste or smell

4. Are you or your immediate contacts in a high-risk category?
• 65 years and older
Or underlying medical conditions including:
• Chronic lung disease  
• Moderate to severe asthma  
• Diabetic
• Serious heart condition  
• Immunocompromised   
• Severely obese
• Chronic kidney disease and undergoing dialysis or liver disease  
• Blood clots

Deb's Commitment
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