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Bridal tips to prepare skin for the big day

Updated: May 23, 2019

In the United States, 2.3 million couples get married each year. On average, that’s nearly 6,200 couples per day. June and August are our most popular months to tie the knot which means the months prior are filled with planning and preparation. Details, logistics, creativity and dreams are harnessed to make the day special.

For the bride, this preparation starts early. Decisions about the dress, shoes, hair, nails and jewelry all matter to make the look of your dreams. But, don’t forget your skin. It’s the foundation to showcase your makeup, dress and overall bridal look, so preparation is key.

Knowing your skin type and identifying the conditions you want to improve prior to the big event will give you the confidence to enjoy all eyes on you! Whether you are a bride on a budget or have abundant resources, expert advice on the regimen and products to maximize your skin’s health is priceless.

Bridal makeup consultation

A good consultation with an experienced skin therapist will give you the information you need to decide the best course of action and the best time to start your skin prep. Book your consultation well in advance to ensure the time necessary to accomplish your goals.

If you have special challenges such as oily, dry, breakout-prone, uneven texture or pigmented areas, multiple facials might be necessary to get your skin where you want it to be. And don’t forget your back – especially if the design of your dress features this area.

Hydrated skin will ensure a flawless look. The right exfoliation will remove debris and congestion from the surface and stimulate skin cell renewal. Exfoliated skin reflects light and provides a smooth surface for makeup application. You’ll need to exfoliate a day or two before the event to prepare the “canvas” for your special makeup.

To get the look you have in mind, or the picture in hand, your hair style or makeup look may need more preparation than you first think. You want to find the look that best fits your features and style – the look that makes you happy, confident and beautiful.

Bridal makeup and hairstyles

Book a practice bridal look with a stylist and makeup artist well in advance of your date. Booking early will give you enough time to go for another trial if the first effort is not quite the look you want. Try to set the practice for the same time of day of your event so the lighting is comparable.

This practice is best done with just you and your expert. Sometimes the input of others takes you to a look other than the one you planned or are most comfortable wearing. It can be helpful to bring in photos of the hairstyles or makeup looks you like. Jot down notes of everything that was used in your practice session and take photographs.

Finally, listen to the experts. They are trained to enhance your best features and understand what it will take to get you the look you want. That said, don’t settle for something you are not confident is right for you. After all, it is your day to shine.

Bridal and mother of the bride makeup

Give me a call (612.248.8939), stop by or go to to connect. I would love to help you prepare your skin for your special day. I also offer makeup consultation and application.

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