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Health, safety and caring

As we witness the spread of the COVID-19 virus, it is really important to care for each other and do our part to slow its spread and impact, especially for our most vulnerable community members.

I have always been diligent about sanitation and disinfection techniques and promise to continue my commitment to client health and safety. I want to reassure you that I've been keeping the equipment sanitized and regularly wipe down the door handles, light switches and other frequently touched items in Lustre.

Because Lustre is a small shop and treatments are one to one, you have an extra level of protection. Exposure to other clients might happen in passing, but again, I am regularly sanitizing.

I have hand sanitizer readily available and will ask you to sanitize your hands when you enter Lustre. This means rubbing all surfaces of your hands with sanitizer until dry. A moisture rich hand cream is also close by to help alleviate dry hands.

I have canceled my travel next week to visit family in Texas, out of concern not only for my welfare, but also that of my 91-year-old mother. If you find yourself or someone you care for sick, please check in with me or reschedule. Advanced notice is greatly appreciated however I am lifting the late cancellation charge until further notice. The rest of my clients and I are very grateful for your caution and diligence to not spread illnesses.

Additionally, we are suspending our planned Share and Skin Care event planned for March 29th. We will hold it at a future time when danger in congregating as a group is reduced, and perhaps, we can invite warmer weather into our space.

I'm hoping this experience will emphasize the importance of considering others when we make choices around toughing out our illnesses versus resting and recovering. I will continue to provide the high level of care you have come to rely on at Lustre Skin Care throughout the challenges of the upcoming weeks. I wish you all well. Please continue to diligently care for yourself and others.

Thank you for your support.

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