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I've missed you

Updated: May 16, 2020

Greetings my people!

I've missed you all during our #StayHomeMN experience and sincerely hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Please be safe, for yourself and our community.

At this time, I anticipate opening Lustre Skin Care for services on June 1st, knowing the date may change according to COVID-19 contagion numbers. When Lustre reopens, you and I will benefit from one-on-one interactions in a freshly disinfected shop and more safety training in my repertoire. I recently became Clean Touch Certified through Dermalogica with a score of 100%! This certification process gives us both an extra layer of protection when added to our state-board regulations. As always, I uphold the highest standards in safety and sanitation.

dermalogica clean touch certified
Dermalogica Clean Touch Certified for an extra layer of protection.

I have also made changes to scheduling and our appointment process.

1. Appointments will be scheduled so only one client is with me in the shop and no overlap happens between appointments.

2. Surfaces will be disinfected between clients, and towels and sheets are laundered with a disinfecting wash additive.

3. Masks need to be worn upon entry and in Lustre’s common areas.

4. Clients will be greeted with a smiling-eyes and a squirt of hand sanitizer.

5. Each client will be screened for exposure and asked to sign a waiver regarding their COVID-19 and relevant health status.

I’ve missed our connection, so I’ve established a way for us to virtually check in. Using ZOOM meetings, we can set up a time to discuss your skin needs or concerns. If you are part of the medical community or an essential worker, this service is free to you. For others, I will be charging $15 for each 15 minutes. COVID-19 has brought difficult financial times for many. If that’s you, contact me about a sliding fee.

I appreciate clients that continue to support us through gift card and product purchases during this difficult time. Buying your products directly through Lustre ensures that you are getting authentic and quality skin care products while supporting our small, woman-owned business. Email me at to buy gift cards or products and schedule curbside pickup. We can mail gift cards to you or your chosen recipient.

As you have come to expect, I am continuing my skin therapist education. I’m learning new skills and refreshing my current knowledge. I take my skin maven role seriously, and continued education is necessary to give you my expert, health driven and educationally focused care. It keeps me at my best as your advanced practice licensed skin therapist and skin health advocate. Plus, I love it!

Jane Iredale Safety and Product Webinar
Two-hour Jane Iredale safety and product training.

On a personal note, my family has experienced challenges during this #StayHomeMN time. I canceled my plans to leave for a Texas family wedding on March 19th. Turns out it was a good choice as my husband experienced a mild stroke that morning. It was hard not to be with him during his evaluation, testing, diagnosis and hospital stay. After he was discharged, I was happy to see him walk unassisted to our car. His prognosis is good, but he is easily fatigued and has some weakness on his right side. His return home happened to coincide with our move into our new remodeled duplex not far from Lustre. So, after my many hours packed into a short period of time, I built our new nest – a much better situation for his recovery. Our grandson rejoined us mid-April, and we are all settled in our cozy Kingfield home. I’d love to hear how you are navigating this COVID-19 experience. Feel free to check in with me at

Wise counsel advises this pandemic will not be over quickly. Know that I’m here for you, navigating it too and praying for better days to come. Please do all you can to keep our community healthy and safe. And of course, don’t neglect the needs of your skin. At Lustre, we know healthy skin is beautiful skin! Hope to see you soon.

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