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It's not the deal you think it is

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

The saying goes, you get what you pay for. My warning is be careful, because your health and safety may suffer.

According to Lillian Carranza, captain of the Los Angeles Police Department Commercial Crimes Division, the LAPD recovered over $300,000 worth of counterfeit makeup recently in the downtown area. Although that’s LA, in Minnesota you can easily find fake makeup online or through non-licensed sellers. But buyer beware, previous tests of counterfeit makeup revealed animal feces and chemicals that can be hazardous to your health. Expired products can also be an issue for the health of your skin.

In 2019, the cosmetics industry in the US was worth over $93.5 billion and is part of the global beauty industry worth over $500 billion. It’s huge, and where there is a chance to make money, opportunities come from all directions – some good, some bad. Counterfeit products manufactured overseas are making their way through ports all over the country, including Minnesota. According to Red Points, a brand intelligence platform, 87% of counterfeit cosmetics were sold illegally on authentic online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba or AliExpress or on Wish.

When shopping for your makeup, you need to be sure you are purchasing from an authorized seller. Our makeup line, Jane Iredale, is a company that for 25 years has provided a full line of clean, skin-nourishing makeup and skincare products. They provide high-performance formulas without sacrificing healthy, luminous skin.

Jane Iredale Makeup Lustre Skin Care
A makeup line you can trust

Companies, like the product lines we sell at Lustre – Dermalogica, Eminence, Jane Iredale and our new addition, Obaji – adhere to strict quality control regulations during their manufacturing processes.

Reports have shown a lack of quality control regulations for counterfeit skin care and makeup products. If you wear makeup or know someone who does, I highly recommend you watch the docuseries on Netflix called, Broken. The first episode in this series, “Makeup Maheim,” investigates how “influencer hype and scarcity marketing create conditions where counterfeit makeup thrives, tainted with bacteria, lead, arsenic – and worse.” (

It’s an eye opening and a cautionary tale for those that shop in discount stores and online sites. Featured is Khue Nong, a young woman who unknowingly purchased a counterfeit Kylie Lip Kit on eBay, thinking she found a good deal. But in fact, it was a dangerous deal. It sealed her lips shut, because superglue was used as a filler in production!

There is no regulation or oversight with these products on the cheap, and that leaves buyers vulnerable to serious infections and damage. Counterfeits are made illegally with quick profit in mind. Production happens in dirty and unsanitary labs and with unsafe filler ingredients. They are then packaged to look exactly like the real products you believe you're getting for a discount. This is a global issue and not just a big city issue.

I am very particular about what products I use on your skin and what I sell for your skin. Remember your skin is porous, and we want it to absorb ingredients that are healthful. All of Lustre’s product lines put skin health first. They use the best ingredients, employ skin care science and offer vegan and gluten free options. Ultimately, like me, they want the best for you and your skin.

Reach out if you have a question or concern about your skin care products and routines. I’m here to help.

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