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June is Men’s Health Month

We establish national months to celebrate or target a specific issue. According to the Men’s Health Network, men generally take less care of themselves than women. Wellness is often thought to be something females do, but in reality, all people, including men, transgender and non-binary, should focus on their health and well-being.

Annual exams, preventative services and proactive wellness strategies, give fathers and their families the best gift of all – health. It’s not a coincidence that Men’s Health Month – and its week – align with Father’s Day.

Taking care of skin, our largest organ, is a critical part of health and well-being. Men are diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime at a higher rate (1 in 2) compared to women (1 in 3). The most common type of cancer in the US is skin cancer.

Men's Skin Care and Health
My brother, Tim Metz

That’s a personal statistic for me. I lost my oldest brother, Tim Metz, to melanoma in 1992. He was 42 years old and the father of two. His loss has inspired much of my work to support and champion skin health.

A bright spot in statistics is that male spa attendance is growing according to the International Spa Association and its ongoing research through Consumer Snapshot Studies. In ten years, we have seen a 16% increase, with men being 47% of all spa-goers.

This is a huge plus for skin health. Although as a skin therapist I cannot diagnose diseases, I am your ally for skin health. With regular visits, I can keep an eye out and refer to a dermatologist if I see something concerning.

I’m also here to recommend a skin care routine to maximize the health of your skin. To coincide with a man’s lifestyle and his skin type (sensitive, normal, dry, oily, combination and aging), we can find the right routine, treatments and products for optimal skin health. I can help you understand the ingredients in the products you use. We want to make sure you have the right formula for your skin and leave out the stuff that can be harmful or unnecessary. Men tend to have thicker skin, tougher texture and larger pores than women, so treating men’s skin is a different ball game.

One thing all genders have in common is the need for a daily skin routine. Here are five quick tips for men to look and feel their best:

1. Wash your face each day, especially after exercising. If you use bar or liquid body soap, leave them for your body. The ingredients in those soaps can be very drying. Use a facial cleanser designed for your skin type with lukewarm water, not hot. A double cleanse will give you a blank canvas for the next step.

2. Moisturize daily. Apply while your skin is still damp. Your moisturizer traps water in your skin to minimize the appearance of fine lines, nourish your skin and give you that fresh look.

3. Check your skin regularly. Look for new spots or moles that bleed, itch or change color. Men over 50 have a higher risk of melanoma compared to the rest of the population. Although melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, it’s treatable if caught early.

4. Protect your skin. Apply sunscreen to all exposed areas of your skin, including your scalp, ears, neck and lips. When the streetlights are off, you should be wearing sunscreen. Be smart about your time in direct sunlight. Wearing hats, protective clothing and sunglasses with UV protection can help.

5. Make time for professional skin treatments. Regular treatments with a licensed skin therapist can address the toll shaving takes on your skin and clear up problem areas. Also, men’s skin tends to produce more oil because of higher testosterone levels. A facial treatment suited for your skin type can address the exfoliation and cleansing needs to keep your skin healthy and clear.

Having a skin routine will not only keep certain conditions at bay but will make your skin look and feel its best. That’s the best gift. Not just for Father’s Day, but all year round.

I'm available if you have any questions or concerns. Give me a call (612.248.8939), stop by or go to to connect.

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