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Takeaways from Lustre's first year

On February 6th, 2018, Lustre opened its doors for business for the first time. Since then, our door has opened more than a thousand times. And now, almost one year later, what began as a dream, an idea, turned into a business plan and then ended up a little shop on the corner. Through the commitment of my loyal customers and Lustre team, we have grown to over 210 clients in just one year.

Deb Lester, Lustre Skin Care
Deb outside of Lustre – opening day 2018

The growth has made me appreciative, first and foremost, to my clients. I’ve enjoyed meeting and helping every single one. Also, my team and network of professionals have been critical in their support along the way. It’s been a learning process, for sure, and here are my top three takeaways.

1. Patience is a muscle needing regular exercise. Establishing credibility in a new community takes time and successes happen through intent and perseverance.

2. Network, network, network. It’s not negotiable. You don’t build a business in a vacuum. Create opportunities, then recognize and appreciate them when they “magically” appear.

3. No judging. Every person walking through Lustre’s door is unique, and their skin is a reflection of experiences, lifestyle, history and emotions. While respecting boundaries, I intentionally address the person wholly and without judgement. All are welcome here.

It’s been a journey filled with joy, new experiences and most of all, growth. I am always learning. I love being part of the Kingfield community and am thankful for my partnership with Wellness Minneapolis. Each day I walk through the door of our little shop on the corner, I feel grateful. Thank you, Lustre community and happy birthday.

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