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The Shedding Season

Autumn is the time trees shed their leaves, an essential process for them to conserve resources and survive winter’s cold. Autumn is also a great time to shed dead cells to improve the health of our skin. Lustre offers two professional brands of chemical peel treatments––Dermalogica and Obaji. A chemical peel treatment is dependent on a skin therapist’s recommendation and not for a first time client. However, they can be quite effective for certain skin woes, with little to no down time.

Here are my top five things you should know about peels to understand their benefits:

1. Typically, our skin naturally goes through a renewal process––every 28 days when younger and longer as we age. Peels speed up cell turnover, quickening the process. Since skin is our largest organ, this renewal is essential to maintain its health and vitality. When your outer layer is made up of newer skin cells, it makes your skin feel softer and look more vibrant.

2. Dead skin cells inhibit the absorption and level of penetration of sunscreen, serum, and moisturizers. This reduces their effectiveness, causing your skin to look and feel dry, rough, bumpy, discolored, or sun damaged. Once the dead cells are removed, your products are better able to do their job.

3. There are three main benefits to chemical peels. They resurface skin, smooth skin, and target dark spots and hyperpigmentation (dark spots). Using the right peel can minimize dark spots, sun damage, and acne scars. Other peels can minimize fine lines and wrinkles or target blemishes, redness, and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

4. Peels are most effective when done in a series, usually bi-weekly or two to four weeks apart, depending on the brand. Purchasing a series is the most cost effective to the achieve the best results.

5. Everyone’s skin is different. Working with a licensed skin therapist––who knows your skin and your skin type––can help you find the best peel if a chemical peel is right for you.

It’s important to value and prioritize skin maintenance, and peels can help you achieve healthy beautiful skin. Know your options and discuss your skin woes at your next appointment with licensed skin therapist. Peels might be the right avenue for you, and this is the perfect season to get started.

Read about Briana’s experience with Obaji peels (excerpts from a Lustre review left on Vagaro):

Obaji chemical peel before Lustre Skin Care
Before Obagi peel (with makeup) –– Briana: “See all those bumps 💔"

Obaji chemical peel after Lustre Skin Care Mpls
A few weeks after final peel of series

“Deb is an actual miracle worker. I’ve dealt with severe acne since I was about 19 (I’m now 24). Did the Accutane thing, tried every product imaginable, and they worked for a short time, but never gave me super long term results…

I still have a few weeks before I see the full results of the Obagi, but I am just thrilled with how good my skin looks already. Not only is Deb the absolute sweetest lady you’ll ever met, but she genuinely cares about you and your goals. She keeps detailed record of your skin during every appointment and gives you amazing products and advice to get you where you want.

I also appreciate how Deb gives very detailed information for why she uses whatever product or does whatever method she is using on your skin in a way I understand. But she also creates a wonderful environment, so you can fully relax while you’re there. I am just so thankful to Deb and all the hard work she’s put in with me to give me the skin I’ve always wanted…The results speak for themselves and like I said, Deb is a miracle worker, and I am so thankful I started seeing her!”

I’m happy to discuss your specific skin care concerns or needs during this shedding and renewal season. Go to to connect or schedule a skin care appointment.

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